Dopeless Gallery

This is a Jquery overlay AJAX Gallery for Websites created with MODx CMS. The gallery uses MIGx extension for MODx to organize photos. You can create multiple galleries on a single page. Every gallery is loaded via AJAX call after some even - for example click on image thumbnail.

Main aspects of this gallery are:

  • ease of use - every gallery is a single MODx resource, so you can add, remove, edit or disable galleries with a single click.
  • photos in galleries are organised with MIGx extension
  • photos, included in every single gallery are loaded via AJAX call after user clicks a thumbnail

If you want to republish some code or tutorial, or if you want to use this gallery with commercial purposes, please contact me first at

Gallery examples

Link to Gallery Tutorial

You can read a tutorial and also download souece files at MIGx Forum by MODx community